Standing in the Rain

Being a night owl is not your fault

"Being a night owl is a genetic trait, and many night owls today face health consequences of following a schedule that is out of sync with their biological clock"

Who are night owls?

Genetics and age play a large role on a person's sleep wake patterns, controlling bodily functions on a cellular level. If you are a night owl, you were likely born this way. 

There are benefits for being a night owl. Studies have shown that night owls tend to be smarter, more creative, a more likely to get a high paying job than the average person. 

However, there is a draw back for being a night owl as society's schedule has been designed for the morning birds. And when night owls are forced to follow a morning person's routine, they face higher levels of health consequences such as sleep deprivation, depression, and suicide tendencies.

Do you like going to bed late and have trouble waking up in the mornings? Chances are, you are genetically a night owl. And so, welcome to the club.

The cause

The academic team at Lumos is working with policy makers around the world to make meaningful change to combat this issue, raising awareness and passing real policy changes. We are on committees that are working to abolish day light saving time in many States in the USA and countries in Europe. To push back school start hours, and promote healthy work schedules.


The science of light 

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Using light to shift the circadian rhythm is not novel, scientists and doctors have recommended using light to shift the circadian rhythm for over 40 years. 

Properly controlled blue light is extremely beneficial for the human body. The blue wavelengths of light helps the brain regulate, a neurotransmitter responsible for sleepiness. We generally want to get increased blue light during the day, and no blue light at night.

Lumos Lux

blue light glasses

How Does Our Technology Work?

Lumos Lux uses a battery powered light source to increase the amount of blue light entering into the eyes to shift forward your circadian rhythm.

The light comes from two sources, each on one side of the legs, the light is shone onto the lenses and reflected back to give your eyes additional blue light.

Because of the reflective nature of the lenses, incoming blue light from the environment is also reflected back out. This means, if the battery powered light source is not on, the glasses will filter out all blue light from the environment. 

Combined with an ambient blue light sensor and a smartphone app, the glasses give you a tailored experience, getting you exactly the amount of blue light you need for your sleep, rhythm and health. 

Designed by experts from Stanford Sleep Sciences

A message from Dr. Jamie Zeitzer. Co-founder of Lumos Lux, and professor at Stanford sleep sciences and medicine. 

Dr. Zeitzer is the world's leading researcher on light and human biology. He has over 25 years of experience researching the biological effects of light. He published over 120 papers in scientific journals and is a champion of 6 clinical trials on sleep sciences.

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