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Lumos Lux

Light therapy glasses to help night owls adjust to a society made for the morning birds

Research shows that genetics and age play a large role on people's sleep preferences. And when someone is forced to follow a routine that is out of sync with their circadian rhythm, they face higher levels of health consequences such as insomnia, depression, and heart disease.

For night owls, this is especially challenging as society favours a routine for morning people.

To help combat this, we made Lumos Lux, a pair of glasses that uses light therapy to help night owls reset their biological clock so they can function in a morning person's world. Designed by ex Apple engineers, researched at Stanford, patent pending technology

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Night owls

Born this way

Genetics and age play a large role on a person's sleep wake patterns, controlling bodily functions on a cellular level. If you are a night owl, you were likely born this way. 

There are benefits for being a night owl. Studies have shown that night owls tend to be smarter, more creative, a more likely to get a high paying job than the average person. 

However, there is a draw back for being a night owl as society's schedule has been designed for the morning birds. And when night owls are forced to follow a morning person's routine, they face higher levels of health consequences such as sleep deprivation, depression, and suicide tendencies.

Do you like going to bed late and have trouble waking up in the mornings? Chances are, you are genetically a night owl. And so, welcome to the club.


The Science of Light 

When our eyes are exposed to light, special photoreceptive ganglion cells located at the retina sends signals to a part of our brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN).

The SCN then sends signals to other parts of the brain such as the pineal gland and the hypothalamic nuclei to regulate hormones and body temperature based on your sleep-wake cycle.


Using light to reset your biological clock

Using light to adjust your biological clock is not novel. Researchers have studied this phenomenon for decades and products are already on the market in the form of light therapy lamps. But these “traditional” light therapy devices use continuous bright light, much like the light you would get from natural sunshine, and require sitting in very close proximity to bright light for an hour or more every day. Many people find these treatments to be impractical though, as they can’t regularly find the time to sit in front of the light long enough to be effective. Several studies have found that the attrition rate for light therapy is between 20- 50%, even in instances where an individual had previously found light therapy to be effective!


Our Technology

elegant. effective. efficient

With our patent pending optical nanotechnology combined with state of the art electrical engineering and industrial design, we made a pair of light therapy glasses in a form factor that looks just like a pair of regular glasses. 

Now, you can wake up when you normally do, throw on these pair of glasses during your morning routine, use it during your commute. And if you want to make a statement to your colleagues, wear it to work or class. With our state of the art designs, We think you'll look great in them.

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