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Will I be charged extra for prescription glasses?

No, there is no extra charge for that.

Do the glasses fit all head sizes?

Yes, the Lumos glasses has adjustable arms that automatically fit all head sizes by extending accordingly.

What colours are availble for the glasses.

The Lumos glasses come in one shade, matte black that gives an elegant and classy look. Goes with everything.

How do I buy a pair?

Click on "Shop" on the top right corner of our website. Click the add to cart button to begin your experience with Lumos Lux. If you need prescription lenses, be prepared to upload your prescription information from your optometrist.

Can I add my prescription to the glasses?


How often and how long do you wear the glasses for?

The glasses are to be worn for 30 minutes per day, ideally after waking up. They can be worn everyday. There is also an app that you can download when you get the glasses, the app will then self adjust based on your health goals and performance, you can follow the recommendations on there.

How do the glasses work?

The glasses have battery powered light sources on the side legs that project a blue beam onto the lenses of the glasses. The lenses of the glasses then reflect this light into your eyes via a nanotechnology coating using the Rayleigh film effect. This makes it appear as if there are two blue hazes in your vision shown in the image below. The coating is special in that it not only reflect light, it also filters out blue light for when you don't need it.

How does it help you sleep earlier?

It helps you sleep earlier by shifting your circandian rhythm forward. When you get more blue light during the day, it's similar to getting more sun during the day. When you're in the light, your body is more awake. By shifting your circadian rhythm forward, you will feel more tired at night.

Why is blue light used?

Blue light is the most important colour of light that influences our sleep energy and mood. When our eyes are exposed to blue light, the brain receives a series of biological reactions to decrease melatonin, increase serotonin and regulate cortisol

When do you wear the glasses?

You wear them during the day, when you need more energy. If you happen to be at an event that goes on all day and night, or you just want to stay up late, it can also be worn at night. Our app will also help you with this, you can download it once you get the glasses.

Can I wear them for longer than 30 minutes?

Yes, wearing them longer will be more effective.

Can I get them adjusted if they do not fit?

The glasses legs are made out of premium glasses material TR-90, which can bend slightly without breaking, the nose pads are also adjustable to give you 2 ways to customize the fit.

Will I become reliant on the glasses?

No, that will not happen.


How long does delivery usually take?

Due to covid, shipping might be a little unpredictable.

How much is the cost for delivery?

Shipping is free with every purchase.

Return & Warranty

What's the return policy?

We believe in the quality and research of our product. If you are not satisfied within 3 weeks, we will provide a full refund shipping included.

Do the glasses come with a warranty?

There's a 1 year warranty for the glasses.