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Being a night owl, Lucas' health took a serious downturn at the age of 19 when he started working as an engineering intern. He would go to bed at 10 pm every night in hopes of getting a solid night's sleep, but would always end up tossing and turning until the early mornings.


Lucas sought help from his doctor, who told him it was natural for a college student to sleep like this. In the following years, Lucas started seeing his doctor more and more often for serious health conditions such as pneumonia, digestive problems, and eventually severe depression.


This is when Lucas came across a study with over 433,000 participants, who all suffer from some of the same issues that he had. He realized this was a much bigger problem than he had imagined, and decided to dedicate his life to helping night-owls (and himself) live better lives. And in the journey, he met Dr. Jamie Zeitzer from Stanford, who spent his life researching light and circadian rhythms.

Lucas Wen Tang

Co-founder | Chief Executive

A fellow night owl, Lucas studies mechanical engineering with an AI option at the University of Waterloo and holds the first in class engineering award in his department despite missing most of his morning classes. From January to December 2016, Lucas interned as an iPhone product designer at Apple, where he designed the buttons and camera assembly on the iPhone 8. Later in In 2019, Lucas worked as a product manager at XiaoMi and enjoys beginning his days after 9am.

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Dr. Jamie Zeitzer

Co-founder | Chief Medical

A clinical champion in the field of light therapy and circadian rhythms, Dr. Jamie Zeitzer is a research professor at Stanford's Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine and a member of Stanford Bio-X. He received his PHD in neurobiology from Harvard in 1999 and have focused his research on studying and understanding circadian rhythms and ways to control it using light therapy. Dr. Zeitzer has 120 publications in the field of circadian rhythms and have championed 5 successful clinical trials.

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