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What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy has been used for over 40 years by medical doctors to improve mood and sleep.

It does so by changing your internal circadian rhythm through light sensitive cells at the back of your eyes.

When light hits these cells at the back of your eyes, it initiates a series of biological reactions that goes on to influence your melatonin, serotonin and cortisol levels which helps you feel energized in the short term, and reduces stress in the long term.

Why is Lumos Lux Unique?

Lumos Lux Glasses combines both the blue blocking effect of blue blocking glasses with the active light therapy of a light lamp, offering you the maximum control over your circadian rhythm by blocking out light when your body doesn't need it, and giving you healthy doses of light when your body does require light.

Blue light blocking glasses

Light therapy lamp

Some studies have shown that light therapy even outperformed standard medication for treating depression. It even helps you cut down on caffeine since it is a better energy boost compared to coffee.

How Does Our Technology Work?

Introducing the Rayleigh effect. The nanotech lenses is not only a blue light blocker, it also scatters and reflects light coming from the side legs of the glasses. So that when you look through the glasses, it is almost as if there are two blue suns in your peripheral vision. See below for what the world looks like through Lumos Lux. 

The science 

A message from Dr. Jamie Zeitzer. Co-founder of Lumos Lux, professor at Stanford sleep sciences and medicine. 

Dr. Zeitzer is the world's leading researcher on light therapy. He has over 25 years of experience researching the biological effects of light. He has published over 120 publications in scientific journals and is a champion of 6 clinical trials on sleep sciences. 

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The Expertise 

Created by the world's leading health scientists from Stanford, Harvard, MIT and former engineers from Apple

Dr. Kasey Li

Lucas Wen Tang

Dr. Jamie Zeitzer

Dr. Jonathan Gruber

Co-founder | Chief Executive

Co-founder | Chief Medical

Advisor | Medical

Advisor | Health Policy

Harvard Medical School

 Expert, Sleep Apnea

Waterloo Engineering 

Optical Engineering, IES, CIE

Stanford Sleep Sciences

Expert, Photo-biology

MIT Economics 

Expert, Health Care Economics

The Early Adopters

From product mangers, entrepreneurs, students, fashion bloggers, shift workers, many have found better sleep, energy and mood by introducing Lumos Lux in their lifestyle.


Colleen, analyst

It used to take 3 hours for me to ramp up in the morning as I was always groggy, now I'm refreshed as soon as I put these on

Tracey, caregiver

I used to wake up in the middle of the night and be up for hours. After using the glasses for a week, I'm able to get to sleep a lot faster and stay asleep throughout the night

Aman, product manager

I'm now more refreshed even when I get less sleep 

How to Purchase

Click the add to cart button to begin your experience with Lumos Lux. If you need prescription lenses, be prepared to upload your prescription information from your optometrist.

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